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Custom Copper Kitchen Backsplash

Metals are an undeniably hot trend in home design, and while it all started with copper pots and pans or stainless steel appliances, now metal aficionados can create a unique design by mixing furnishings and numerous decorative elements, including custom copper kitchen backsplash. Recently we have seen a growing number of homeowners and interior designers embrace it to revive a kitchen space and give it that welcoming and glittering allure. A copper kitchen backsplash can be made in many finishing colors and texture. The metal, in general, creates uniqueness in the kitchen and can be used for both modern and traditional home improvements. There are plenty of ways that you can introduce a striking custom backsplash that injects to your kitchen a unique character. We can custom produce a kitchen backsplash smooth with a natural or hammered with four patinas. A hammered copper backsplash offers the kitchen a rustic visual appeal. You can either choose a tone that pair with the metal of the wall oven hood or, on the other hand, go with something contrasting. Combining different metallic tones will highlight the backsplash area and make it a statement piece you and your guests will appreciate forever.

The custom copper backsplash gives an appealing look to your kitchen but each patina finish adds a very personal touch to the layout. From weathered and vintage to sleek and modern, the homeowner has a lot of style possibilities to work with. You do not always need complex patterns and large sheets with carefully crafted motif to create a stunning copper backsplash in the kitchen. Contrary, you can match your apron front sink and a hammered dining tabletop. Actually, a simple and plain surface makes a big difference to the ambiance inside a contemporary or transitional kitchen. The production of backsplash begins from preparing a triply with the backsplash dimensions. The client should send us the requirements as far as the size and color concerned. Then it is applied on the surface and custom appearance according to the buyer's specifications.

custom copper dining tabletop in a kitchen with a backsplash

You can choose to design a rectangular sheet of copper backsplash that is limited to the surrounding area of the stove. That element can be framed with Mexican ceramic tiles for a little bit more of rustic flair. Some clients prefer a bolder statement and decide to fill the whole cooking area with metallic glamour. That is an ideal solution for some contemporary delights that are smooth, glossy and stylish. Having a great custom copper backsplash in your kitchen will definitely one-of-a-kind that will upgrade the value of your property and will make your day-to-day cooking choirs as glamorous as they can be.

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