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Coppersmith Sinks

Coppersmith Term

Coppersmith is a person who produces items, especially utensils made of copper. Also known as a brazier can use other metals including bras and zinc alloy. In addition, redsmith is a worker who uses tinsmithing tools and technique to create copper output. Let's take a look at two products more closely which are a very wide category of sinks. It is divided into subcategories which are consisting of kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Coppersmith Kitchen Sinks

Coppersmith sinks for kitchens come in variety of shapes, sizes and designs. The basic type are drop-in and apron style. The second version can be installed in the cabinet as drop-in as well as its lip placed under the counter. Stone such as granite and marble work well with copper. The front panel may be smooth and simple or decorated with quite elaborated design. Motifs such as flowers and hacienda accents can be punched into it. The most often sold replacement coppersmith kitchen sinks are a single and double bowl. However, on some occasions we were manufacturing triple and quadruple that were meant for Spanish architecture restaurants.

coppersmith kitchen sinks

Coppersmith Bathroom Sinks

Coppersmith bathroom sinks are handmade in Mexico as round, rectangular and especially oval which is the most commonly purchased shape. They come either with flat or round lip. The first makes possible to have the bathroom sink dropped into the hole in the counter as well as place the countertop over it. The second style us used for dropping in only. The raised edge of the wash basin makes it more visible. It can be finished with the same color as the rest of the surface or for example polished what always draws additional attention to it and converts into a bath focal point.

coppersmith bathroom sinks

Copper Kitchen and Bath Sink Patina

Regardless the Mexican sink application, whether your intention is to use it in a bathroom or kitchen, residential or commercial, there are four main patina options. Any one of them can be handcrafted in dark or light coffee, natural, antique and honey. There are a number of tones that can be achieved during the process. All depends on time the artisan was heating the metal sheet with a torch. CustomCopper also offers oxidized green colored or hand polished which looks like a brand new American penny.

Beside the sinks, our production facility in Santa Clara del Cobre fabricates coppersmith tubsvent hoods and tables. All of those furnishings can be supplied with identical color providing they are handmade at the same time.


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