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Customized Copper Dining Room Tables

A table that can sit all family members is the heart of any dining room. Therefore, you want it to be an eye-catching element to your decor. It also needs to be a durable piece of furniture, so it survives countless dinners, parties and family holidays. Customized copper dining room tables give you the opportunity to purchase the suitable addition to your existing style that fits with measurements, shape and color finishing. A custom copper product is a guarantee of high-quality, elegance and durability- everything you can look in a dining room table.

made to order a copper dining table

Our collection of hand-hammered copper dining table offers a variety of styles in all sizes and shapes. You can contact us with specific measurements and our experienced artisans will elaborate the custom-made design just for your dining room set. We will only charge you the extra material that was used during the process of customization. That seems like a little price to pay for becoming the satisfied owner of a one-of-a-kind copper dining table! Additionally, we offer an exclusive service of adding a personalized touch to its finest copper dining table by choosing a patina finish of your choice. As far as the production of customized copper dining room tables, the bases are made of hand-forged iron finished with black paint. It enhances the stability to the whole structure and plus, gives a stunning and elegant look of a vintage piece of furniture. The tabletop is, on the other hand, made of particleboard covered with copper sheeting. You can choose between a round or square-shaped tabletop. A copper furniture can add an astonishing contrast to modern layouts. Most of our customized tables are designed in old-world, Colonial style. They will fit in a rustic environment, boosting a vintage feel. However, they can be a great accent while creating a mix and match dining room, including modern and traditional pieces of furniture.

Despite of the name, customized copper dining room tables can be a lovely addition not only in a dining room. Nowadays it is not the only place the majority of eating happens. Think about upgrading your eat-in kitchen with one of ours copper tables. Whether you have a modest kitchen fit for a four chairs dining set or a sweeping space with a grandiose dining display, we can make a custom copper dining table just for you. Kitchens are normally designed as neutral spaces with most of the decor left in whites. Try a jazzy colored copper table to boost the style of an otherwise white monochromatic room. Add some additional copper elements such as copper kitchenware or copper lighting fixtures to integrate your new table.

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