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Custom Mirrors with Copper Frame

Nowadays copper mirrors are very trendy for decorating rustic, modern, and traditional hacienda interiors. Custom mirrors with copper frame are often used in rustic decors because they suit the raw and natural look. Copper is associated with warmth, so it can be used to add a cozy touch at home on cool autumn evenings. In urban settings, copper mirrors add an industrial-chic vibe to any setting that has been modernized from its original state or where you want to keep up with trends. And for traditional décor styles such as Hacienda designs found in Spain and Latin America, polished copper adds a sophisticated flair suitable for many occasions!

cupper mirrors decorating home interior

As with any other furnishing made of copper, the mirrors come with a smooth and hand-hammered copper frame. They are treated with various color patinas including natural, dark coffee, honey, champagne, rock, light green, and different shades of gold. They also come with antique details such as diamond oiling and gunmetal finish as well as hand-drawn designs that have deep meaning to people who reside in Mexico's south-western parts. Some rustic copper mirror designs have extra elements attached to the frames including straps and rivets. If you do not want any straps hanging out of your mirror, then your copper mirror comes with tassels or curtain holders attached to the frame's top sides and small nails at their bottoms that fasten the rings to your wall. This way, not only will you have a functional piece of art, but also decor that gives elegance to any space it is in.

Copper mirrors from Mexico, are a perfect way to infuse a new ambiance into your home. Copper mirrors can be a great addition to your home. They are perfect for adding a touch of warmth and style to any room. Copper is also an easy way to incorporate metals into your design scheme, which has been popular in recent years. Custom mirrors with copper frame can add mystery and intrigue with their varying shades of brown tones when the light hits it just right - making this particular piece more than just aesthetically pleasing. Custom-made copper mirrors come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles so everyone will surely find something they love. They have been used in the decoration of rustic, modern, and traditional hacienda interiors for years because they add depth and sophistication without being too showy. Copper mirrors work well with many different types of furniture such as an elegant table with copper tabletop making them great for decorating any room from kitchen cabinets to bathrooms.

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