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Mexican Hacienda Style Homes

Known for their classic style and timeless elegance, hacienda style homes have been extremely popular across the southwestern United States—as well as California and Florida but first and mostly in Mexico. If you love large mansions with stucco walls, red clay roof tiles, rustic, earthly elements, you should definitely consider Mexican hacienda style homes for your next purchase. Many of our products such as decorative, copper bathtubs, dining room tables with copper tops can help you achieve that old-looking, Southern flair in your existing décor.

hacienda style home

Being heavily influenced by Spanish Colonial architecture and design, the Hacienda style has been perfectionated in Mexico since the time of the Spanish colonisation. In the United States, these types of buildings appeared four centuries ago and they are still a popular choice, especially in a warm climate, similar to the one you can find in Mexico. Now, when we talk about Mexican hacienda style homes it is not only about the architectural structure but also the interior design that features exposed wooden beams, terracotta floor tiles or covered porch and an obligatory courtyard in the middle of the house. What set the tone of your Southwest-inspired home can be the statement pieces of furniture that should be sturdy, durable and eye-catching. Imagine a black iron chandelier hang in the entry hall composed gracefully with a large, lavish copper mirror frame. This decor, without a doubt, will make a huge impact on your guests! The custom copper products always add welcoming flair and texture to any space and they fit perfectly with the old world style of Mexican Hacienda.

The key element to a traditional hacienda home is to create cozy spaces for people to interact. That is why you should pay special attention to designing your dining room and kitchen, where nowadays we spend most of our time. Traditionally, Mexican residencies had the courtyard in the center of the home—so owners could cook indoors or outdoors while releasing some of the heat produced by cooking. Today with an efficient range hood, you can easily protect your interiors from heavy cooking. With one of ours hand-hammered copper extractors, your kitchen will gain a highly functional appliance with authentic hacienda style. Choose among thousands of models and customize its shape, size and look so it suits your kitchen cabinets and wall colors. All of our handcrafted copper items have an option of ordering made-to-order. Finish your Southern kitchen look by adding a copper apron front sink that will be the envy of the whole neighbourhood.

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