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Tailor-Made Copper Dining Tables

Finding the perfect style dining table is a laborious thing, especially if you are looking for a high-quality and unusual look that include beautiful metals such as copper and iron. Reliable, copper furnishings' manufacturers are few, however, with My Custom Copper, you will be able to decorate kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and lobbies with our exclusive selection of custom-made appliances. With us, you can be sure that all of our tailor-made copper dining tables are designed for excellent performance and an even more unique look.

tailor made copper tables

Our hammered copper dining tables collection offers endless styles including models in all sizes and shapes. You can contact us with specific measurements and our experienced artisans will create your ideal dining room set for no more extra costs rather than the material that has been used. That seems like a little price to pay for being a thrilled owner of a one-of-a-kind copper dining table! Additionally, we offer our customers an exclusive opportunity to add a personalized touch to its finest copper dining table by choosing a patina finish of your choice. As far as the production of the tailor-made copper dining tables, the table bases are made of wrought iron finished with black paint. It enhances the stability of the whole structure and, gives a stunning and elegant look of a vintage piece of furniture. The tabletop is, on the other hand, made of particleboard covered with copper sheeting. For those who do not know the countless benefits of copper, you should know that this metal is resistant to corrosion. The table will resist any form of corrosion since copper does not corrode against most liquids commonly used in homes. This simply means that you will enjoy your vintage-looking furniture for many years and many family gatherings.

Which are the most suitable decor for one of our hammered copper dining table? The grandeur and exclusive look of our furnishings make them a perfect statement piece in spacious dining rooms where all the detailed and arduous work can be appreciated by the guest. You would not like to hide it somewhere in a corner. We elaborate dining copper tables in various styles from traditionally Colonial to art deco with sleeker and more modern forms. Old-world dining tables can be a great addition to a vintage decor that is in a need of modern pieces of furniture with an ancient twist. Commercial spaces such as coffee shops or restaurants can gain a lot of refinement with our collection of handmade copper tables. You can easily match it with one of ours copper frame mirrors.

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