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Vintage Copper Mirror Frames

You know that feeling when you move to your new place and it has a piece of designer furniture, beautifully painted walls and meticulously crafted finishing, however, something is missing. One of the easiest ways of enlivening a lifeless décor is with art pieces and decorative, copper mirrors. A mirror is a magical element that can instantly add interest in any room, bring light and texture to empty walls and so much more. With vintage copper mirror frames, you will upgrade your home's interiors by adding dimension to the walls but mostly uniquely decorating them.

copper mirror frames

Imagine a beautifully designed accent mirror with an ornate frame that looks like an antique treasure from some Southern mansion. That is a feeling you get when you discover our collection of oval, round and rectangular copper mirrors. With help of a handmade piece of artisan work, you enhance a classic atmosphere in the bathroom, dressing room, bedroom or hallway. If you love the old-world feel, what you need is a mirror that not only looks vintage but also emanates the antique charm mixed with the highest quality, Back in the old days, home furnishings were done to last for generations. Today is all about selling jazzy, interesting-looking objects that have no quality in them and that you will have to throw away after only a couple of days. In My Custom Copper, we care about excellence in both, design and durability. Any custom-made product from our online shop such as copper range hood or copper kitchen sink is manufactured to our clients needs as far as the design and functionality are concerned. In the case of vintage copper mirror frames, you can choose between four color patina options and furthermore the copper frame can be delivered smooth or with a unique hammered texture.

We understand that a bathroom or dining room mirror is equal parts decorative and functional, which means you should take into account the space you want your brand new copper mirror. Size is another feature that can be customized by our expert copper artisans. Consider hanging the rectangular mirror horizontally or vertically. Which option will look better in this specific layout? Also, boost the power of the handcrafted  mirror of making a room look larger and brighter by placing it in front of the natural light source. Lastly, to be able to offer you an effortless experience, our mirrors are ready to be wall-mounted thanks to the already installed hook on the backboard.

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