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Custom Copper Tubs for Bath Lovers

Who said that the bathroom needs to be white and the tub made of porcelain? If you love a long, relaxing bath, make your tub the statement feature in your bathroom. A marble, wood, glass, and high-quality copper tub makes an instant design win and gives a homeowner endless décor options. However, when it comes to value and quality, custom copper appliances have no competition. Keep on reading about custom copper tubs for bath lovers that can be 100% customized to their taste and bathroom specifications.

custom copper tub width polished surface

Take a look at our stunning collection of copper soaking tubs, freestanding tubs, clawfoot bathtubs, and many more styles to get an idea of what an incredible tub can do for your space, no matter your design style. Our experienced artisans can help you create the copper bathtub of your dreams and it does not need to be rustic or vintage as many people think. This copper bathtub has a beautiful warm patina to it which usually goes very well with rustic, farmhouse decor but it also can be a great ally when comes to decorating modern and minimalist interiors. Double-wall copper bathtubs with sleek texture will definitely be a showstopper in any spacious, contemporary master bath or even a bedroom. Yes, the tub left the bathroom and you can find it in lofts, outdoor baths, and in the middle of a bedroom. Custom copper tubs for bath lovers have no boundaries, it seems.

Copper's durability and natural patina have contributed to its significant comeback in the last decade. Now it is not only about kitchenware or a copper farmhouse sink. Many appliances and decorative items are made of copper. It is due to its high flexibility. For coppersmith, no shape or pattern cannot be achieved which gives us the opportunity to create really diverse and versatile copper tub models. Although copper is often thought of as a traditional material, this freestanding polished copper tub will have a distinctly modern look. We can custom-made the size and shape of your tub so you can take advantage of every inch in your bathroom. Also, remember that the patina finishing, as well as texture, is chosen by our clients. Our copper double-walled soaking tubs and copper slipper tubs are customs made to your design specifications. Custom options include copper patina color tones, tub size, and design form. Say no to boring and not very original appliances bought from mass production sites. Our company based in central Mexico offers only unique items that will become the standout feature of any interior layout.

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