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Clawfoot Copper Bathtub Decor

From pedestal or console sinks, vintage vanity with ornate knobs to octagonal floor tiles- bygone bathroom features from centuries ago are making their comeback and winning over modern amenities. One of the most popular accents to create an old-world feel is a freestanding copper bathtub that exudes the elegance and luxury of past decades. A clawfoot copper bathtub décor will, unquestionably, draw attention and upgrade the overall look of any bathroom.

clawfoot copper tub

Our made-to-order copper bathtubs are a stylish alternative to fiberglass or porcelain tubs. You might probably find cheaper options but if you are looking for a unique custom appliance that would last for decades, clawfoot copper bathtub décor is what you should be considering. There are many ways you can install a copper bathtub. It can be a freestanding copper tub, in which case a distinctive clawfoot design will make the boldest visual statement. Take into account that we can elaborate a copper tub with a special patina finishing and then make the legs from another material for a powerful contrast. In that case, the shape and silhouette of the tub might be quite simple or even austere. The element of luxury and luxury will be boosted with ornamented legs and perhaps a vintage-looking faucet. Having so many models to choose from, you must be asking yourself which type of hand-hammered copper tub is enjoying the greatest popularity? It all really depends on the size of your bathroom. A spacious master bath can allocate a double slipper copper bathtub that is perfect for a share, romantic bath. This type of tub has a high back on both ends making for the most relaxing and comfortable soak. If your bathroom is a modest size, you will have to probably choose between a shower or a tub. Many of our copper bathtub designs can be adjusted in size and instead of a long model you can order a petite but beautiful tub with a deeper basin. It will provide you with the same luxurious and most relaxing experience, taking less space.

If you need more décor ideas, look for a hacienda-style bathroom or Victorian baths. With the right vintage type of tiling and at least one powerful appliance that emanates an antique feeling, you can easily create a cohesive blend between modern and vintage bathrooms. Companies like ours offer modern comfort and functionality backed by traditional, artisan-based techniques and first and foremost, unique designs in copper bathroom sinks, bathtubs, and copper mirror frames that can help you create stunning bathrooms.

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