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Small Copper Sink

Buying a small oval copper sink from CustomCopper is easy. Whether it is small copper bathroom sink or replacing kitchen sink the process of ordering is very straight forward. On the sink page look in the menu for available dimensions. One of the options is small sink. You will find indication of the dimensions in the copper sink description blow the price. Usually, it is spelled out in the section of bullets within the text. If you cannot find the size you are looking for we will produce here in Mexico a custom copper sink in even smaller dimensions than those shown in the sink description.

Small Copper Bathroom Sink

If you have small space in your bathroom, you probably are looking for a small oval copper bathroom sink. We offer our bathroom sinks in three sizes. Those are small, medium and large. Bathroom copper sinks are handcrafted with plain hammered surface or decorated with ornaments shown on the detail sink pages. They are truly pieces of art. Also, any design small copper bathroom sink can be undermount or vessel. The differences depend on the way the sink is installed. The first version is dropped to the hole in the counter with its lip resting over it. The same sink can be also used us undermount providing its lip is flat. In that case, you can place a stone or even copper counter over its edges.

Small Copper Kitchen Sink

In the copper kitchen sink category we offer a number of standard sizes ranging from small to extra large. Most small copper kitchen sinks are rectangular and square. Some of them may have round front. You can categorize kitchen sinks are drop-in and with an apron which can be simple or quite decorative. Average sink depth is nine inches but occasionally were manufacturing made-to-order deeper than that. Sink width is twenty two inches and its length depends on your preferences as they are one of the page choices. Any small copper sink and that includes bathroom and the kitchen comes with a variety of patina choices. You can select dark, light, we can make the sink green in natural process of oxidation or even polish it to shining look.

small copper sinks

All copper sink for a bathroom orders are delivered to the US mainland clients free of charge and average shipping time is four weeks from the payment date. It includes copper sink production time. We can also deliver our small and large copper sinks to overseas destinations and the date of delivery will vary depending on the country you live in.

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  • Hi! I have called and emailed several times to try to find out if you can make 2 Emiliano sinks with a 14" diameter and 6" deep. I hope you will get back to me and let me know. Thank you.

    Diana Andres

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