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Wall Copper Oven Hood

Imagine a kitchen furnished with a hammered wall copper oven hood above a gas or electric range. However, it is not to be an ordinary hood but a bold piece of statement that will define the style of your kitchen. Obviously, a wall oven hood has to be efficient. We wish all those nasty smells of cooking to disappear as soon as possible, right? In the days, the main designing trend is to open up space and combine the dining with the cooking area, it is even more important to get rid of any sign of frying or baking. Still, at the same time, you want your kitchen to look fabulous and not losing its identity due to installing such a significant sized appliance. Do not worry. Our company offers the a stunning hammered wall copper oven hood for residential and restaurant kitchens. Thanks to many ways of finishing, this high-quality metal, a ductless copper range hood can be installed in any interior environment. It corresponds well with vintage as well as modern settings.

If your kitchen is kept in light colors. The drywall painted white and the cabinets as well. You can introduce a little bit of warm appeal into your kitchen by choosing a darker patina for a custom made wall mount oven hood equipped in the insert of choice. This combination with works in ultimately modern layouts as well as traditional kitchens. Rustic or country designs are normally creating by using a lot of wood, stone and perhaps colorful tiling, so there might be a color mix-match going on. In that situation, you should be looking for a brighter option or to keep the vintage vibe, go for an antique style. If you navigate around our collection of hammered copper oven hoods, first of all, you will fall in love with our hand-hammered product but most importantly, you will see we produce them in all of existing styles. Our best selling product is a rustic metal wall hood made by our skillful artisans. Because of the manufacturing technique and Mexico advantages, we offer great pieces. Our products are suitable also to be used as industrial ambiances. Sometimes they incorporated to urban flats and lofts as rustic focal point over your oven. They usually have smoother and simpler shapes and the finish is really up to you. There are many copper wall mount vent hoods that will be excellent fit for a farmhouse as well, with beautifully hammered metal stripes and ornamented moldings.

wall mount copper oven hood in a kitchen

The best market for copper oven hood manufacturers is the Southern USA where hacienda style is predominant. Old Europe influenced designs venting ovens are produced in many shapes, sizes and finishing options. You can order your wall oven hood hammered or with the smooth copper surface. It can be designed for a tall ceiling or as under cabinet installation. Remember that you can also personalize them further by applying one of many hood patina options or you can have it polished.

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