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Why use Copper in your Home?

The copper had been present since the beginning of human households’ history. It was a very important material to create functional cookware or water pipes and tools. However, with so many new and fancy components why we should use copper in our home nowadays? The undeniable fact is that the appliances and decorative elements made of copper such as mirror frames, lighting fixtures or table tops have a stunning golden glow that adds glamour and elegance to any area of your house, whether you live in a modest urban apartment or a farmhouse cottage. Another amazing property of this sophisticated metal is its ability to evolve with the past of time. Being able to enjoy those little and subtle changes on the surface of your rustic freestanding bathtub or custom copper range hood is just such an amazing experience! On the contrary, if you want your hood or tub to shine with the same hue and intensity you can choose to cover it with a patina. Therefore, as you can see, on an aesthetic level, the copper in your home gives you a wide range of visual possibilities.

custom copper products in a bathroom

There are many more reasons why use copper in your home. Apart from the natural ageing process, this long-lasting has plenty of more practical benefits. Many of them are unknown to the broader public. First of all, copper products require almost no maintenance. The high-quality copper domestic appliance takes care of itself. As an example, maintaining your copper bathtub or sink consists only of rinsing it with water and drying completely after each use. In the case of the handmade copper sinks or bathtubs, we should highlight that the copper is the most hygienic metal of all. Its surfaces eliminate more than 99% of bacteria known to be human pathogens within just two hours. This means that bacteria literally cannot live on the surface of your copper appliance which is an amazing fact for all of us who cares about cleanliness in their kitchens and bathrooms.

In the last decades, this golden bronze tone metal became one of the trendiest material in the modern interior design. From pots and pans hanging above the stove, copper has conquered all the other areas of our households and not only in rustic houses but contemporary and eclectic ones too. We can now enjoy the beautiful decorative elements like kitchen copper backsplash, industrial lighting fixtures and more bright and lavish mirror frames. Apart from increasing your property value, a copper appliance creates a unique character and brings a luxurious feel to any style.

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