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Rustic Style Copper Kitchen Tables

In the time of open floor layout being a fashionable trend, your tables become part of the kitchen that is why it is so important to select the correct fit for your style. It represents all you love and makes you feel as comfortable as possible. Consider one of our custom copper kitchen tables to be your focal point in a rustic or country style. Our rustic style copper kitchen tables collection includes elements of metal that are handcrafted out of age-old materials to bring the customer a true heritage furniture that can be appreciated for generations to come. It is a furniture that will be used on a daily basis, you want to be sure you are buying a durable and solid object you prefer to be warm and inviting as well. All the family life turns around a kitchen table. All the most beloved memories will bring you to those cherished moments when you had breakfast with your children or those long summer evenings with your friends.

If your desire is to make some changes and in favor of a modern rustic design, our rustic copper kitchen tables will be a perfect addition to an eclectic space with the warmth and charm of an old hacienda and high-tech and sophistication. Hammered copper kitchen tables are a right choice to create a welcoming atmosphere and having a wide range of tables style to opt for, you will find the winner! We have a large variety of iron bases for replacement dining kitchen tables ranging from modern through rustic to Spanish hacienda. Copper tabletops are produced as round, oval, square and rectangular. The popular dining tables are round, 48 inches diameter and 22 high. Each item has several standard sizes that you can choose from the menu but if you are looking for specific or perhaps an uncommon shape, we can customize it for you so it fits your style.

a rustic copper table in a kitchen

The final result can be embellished by adding a handcrafted patina finish of your choice or you can have your rustic style copper tables hand-polished to introduce a really bright and jazzy furnishing in your kitchen. Remember, the rustic style is all about combining old and new, adding different earthy materials including metals. If you worry about taking care of such a furniture, the copper is actually very easy to maintain. We typically recommend just wiping with a damp cloth and drying immediately afterwards. Soap and water is the best solution if there is something sticky or harder to remove. Read our blog to find out the how to take care. It is best not to use in a kitchen any sort of harsh chemicals or abrasives during cleaning as it would scratch the finish back to a raw rustic copper if scrubbed too hard.

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