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Copper Bathtubs with Rivets

When you think of a comfy and luxurious bath, nothing can compete with handcrafted, copper tubs that have been on the market for centuries. The homeowners and designers love adding those copper appliances due to their versatility and unique, old-world charm. If you think that creating a bathtub from metal restrains somehow the artistic and designing possibilities, you should check our broad collection of copper bathtubs with rivets, rings, and decorative straps. With any of our metallic centrepieces that are modern takes on a beloved, classic appliance, you will never skip a bath anymore.

copper tub with rivets in a custom bathroom

Many unique copper tubs were manufactured at the beginning of the XX century and you can still find them in modern homes. Therefore, ordering one of ours hand-hammered copper bathtubs is the best investment for your home and your family. Choose the most suitable model that reflects the style of your bathroom. For that, our collection includes all types of copper tubs ranging from copper slipper tub (a freestanding bath with one or both ends sloped for comfort and visual interest), clawfoot or pedestal tub. This appliance will serve you for many decades if properly maintained. Each product is made-to-order by our extraordinary blacksmiths that impregnate their amazing work with every hammer which makes it a one-of-a-kind addition to modern and traditional bathrooms. Among the antique-looking tubs line, you can find copper bathtubs with rivets that offer a striking look with a nod to the time of the Old West. You can order your design with a stripe of rivets going horizontally or vertically or both. Have a look at our “Buffalo” copper bathtub for instance. It looks like a quite standard, rectangular tub but it has a line of rivets covering the upper part of the tub's pedestal. This small detail adds an artisan flair to this remarkable piece.

Custom copper appliances are simultaneously beautiful and practical, with a lot of advantages that copper offers. Apart from copper's striking appearance, our handmade, copper sinks and tubs are eco-friendly, highly durable, and antibacterial. In times of bigger ecological consciousness, choosing a copper appliance over plastic or synthetic resin means betting on sustainability. The copper is sturdy, but extremely malleable metal which enables us to create such amazing decorative elements like rings and rivets in case of the bathtubs and unusual designs on copper hoods and inside the sinks' basin. It allows us as well create customized shapes and sizes. For that, if you have a smaller bathroom, you can still enjoy a stylish and lavish copper tub. A modest bath can be easily fitted with a smaller but deeper soaking tub.

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