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Oval Copper Sinks

Give your bathroom a premium makeover by adding an oval copper sink into your vanity. Sometimes it might seem that changing the washbasin is not a huge transformation, however, adding such a characteristic piece of furniture can change immensely the overall design of the room. And of course, for the better! Offering numerous models of oval copper sinks we feel very confident that you will be able to find the one that fits your style and bathroom's size.

oval copper sink

The bathroom is one of the most essential spaces of any home as it is the first room to enter in the morning, and the last to visit in the evening. We want this space to be welcoming, functional but also stylish. It should reflect our taste just as a fancy dining room or cozy bedroom. Our company is focused on creating unique pieces of furniture that help clients around the world to build singular designs with custom copper appliances. We should remember that even if something has to be useful like a bathtub or sink, it can also be stunning! During your daily self-care activities, you will be delighted to use one of our oval copper  sinks that additionally can be customized in size, shape and patina finish. Their aesthetical and practical details will make all the difference between a usual bathroom and a designing gem. Therefore, if you want to upgrade or create a new style bathroom from scratches, consider adding copper fixtures such as a singular copper bathtub, copper mirror frame and of course, a high-quality copper sink. Today we are presenting you our oval washbasins, however, we also have on offer vessel or round copper sink models. Nevertheless, an oval, metallic sink seems to be the most popular among the homeowners mostly due to its functionality and comfort.

What about the design itself? Many decorative copper sinks are made to fit in any style of bathroom. Copper is a very versatile material that works with both, modern and traditional interiors. The welcoming, warm hue and natural aspect makes it a perfect addition to a rustic ambience. On the other hand, if order polished and with clear lines, a hand-hammered copper sink will match any contemporary spaces. Our customers can choose between two standard sizes of washbasins. However, if you need something more specific or less standard, a made-to-order is also available. Choose between five color options that range from light copper through oxidized greenish to a dark patina. Each hue adds a totally distinctive look to the washbasins which makes them even more unique.

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