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Copper Bateau Bathtubs

Among our broad collection of hand-hammered copper bathtubs, you can find several types such as double-slippers, freestanding or clawfoot in numerous designs that suit any type of bathroom style. Buying a copper tub is a splendid idea as this metal is aesthetically unique, adding a lot of warmth to your decorating scheme and what is more, is the most hygienic and long-lasting material you can find on the current market. If you are still uncertain about the type of a tub your bathroom needs, today we want to present you copper bateau bathtubs that bring a bath time to a whole new level of comfort and lush.


copper bateau bathtub in a bathroom

The bateau style of bathtub is named after the French word for a boat which obviously refers to the curved shape of the bath that resembles that of a sailing boat. These roll-tops baths are designed for comfort, relaxation and sharing an intimate moment. They are an excellent option for a romantic evening of a long soak with your partner. Just like the double-slipper copper bathtubs, those models are characterized by comfortable double-ends design, ideal for two that combines comfort and style. The copper bathtub “Colorado” is an amazing example of a bateau style. With an unparalleled patina, the copper bateau bathtubs exude a warming glow that can be a highlight of your master bath. You can order a customized product by giving us the exact measurements you require and choosing one of four available patina finishes. With ergonomic lines and organic symmetry, this double-ended bathtub complements gracefully a rustic style that prefers earthly materials and old-looking decorative elements. On the other hand, by ordering a polished tub, the homeowner will achieve a sleek and contemporary look for the brand new, custom-made tub. That is why, although traditional in style, the finishes we have available combine both modern flair with old-world charm creating a product suited to both period and modern interiors.

You can easily complement our bateau copper bathtubs with other intriguing copper elements like copper plumbing pipes for an industrial flair or by accommodating a hand-forged copper sink. Combining copper appliances is an effortless thing to do. It goes very well with wood or marble. It brings tenderness to a whole-white, classic style bathroom and adds light to darker hues like a black wall bath. A hand-hammered, copper bathtub is a remarkable piece of coppersmith craft that will make your bathroom stand out from the crowd. Besides countless health benefits of copper, our bateau bathtubs are simply fashionable and will make a statement in any space.

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