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Mexican Design in Bathroom Copper Sinks

The modern Mexican copper craft market surprises you with its high quality and a great variety of products from traditional pots and pans to the most sophisticated copper appliances and pieces of furniture. It is one of the oldest materials used in the artisan production of human goods as the copper work has its origins in the pre-Hispanic era. Today we want to talk about Mexican design in bathroom copper sinks. You can find a powerful legacy of many generations of coppersmith in our extended collection of hand-hammered washbasins that fit not only in Southern-style bathrooms but also transitional or eclectic, modern rustic and farmhouse.

mexican copper sink

Mexican art and craft are well known internationally and if you travel to this diversified, beautiful country you can find ethnic and indigenous products pretty much anywhere. Today Mexican artisans are also appreciated for elaborating luxurious décor products such as our unique copper bathroom sinks. All of our custom copper appliances are made by hand and using traditional techniques and therefore each and every item is one-of-a-kind. Therefore, the influence of Mexican design in bathroom copper sinks can be found not only in patterns engraved on a copper surface but also in the process of elaboration, using similar tools as the coppersmiths in the XVI century. The copper-work was predominantly done in the state of Michoacan and particularly in the city of Santa Clara de Cobre. Our workshops are too located in this central region of Mexico and due to the cheaper labor cost, our custom-made copper range hoods, copper bathtubs, dinner tabletops and many more are sold at a very competitive price, especially if you compare its quality and old-world charm.

Many designs of our bathroom copper sinks are inspired by the wonderful nature of this vast country. From floral patterns, hammered gravings of animals such as bulls to symbols of indigenous cultures of the Aztecs and Mayas, you can order our decorative copper washbasins in oval or round shapes. We have two standard sizes and 5 patina finishing options to level up your favorite model. If, however, you need some specific measurements or a different design of the graving inside the basin's walls, you can send us your request by email and we will make it without any additional cost. You will only pay for the amount of material that our experienced artisans need to use for each project. The 100% artisan work might take more time than a usual order, especially if you are buying in a mass production store but it culminates with a Mexican design that will embellish your home for many decades to come.

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