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Freestanding Copper Bathtub


When designing a bathroom many homeowners go for a shower option because it reflects modern times. We need something functional and that works fast. "Time is money", they say. However, if you are a kind of a romantic soul and you appreciate those little daily pleasures, you are probably considering adding a stunning, comfortable and customized bathtub. After all, nothing is better than treating yourself to a personal spa session. Perhaps only owning a freestanding, copper bathtub that will transform any bathroom into a designer's showroom.


freestanding copper bathtub


When designing your bathroom, most of us are limited by space. This can make it harder to make your glamorous vision come to life. You might think that a custom-made, copper bathtub with a vintage flair is going to be too difficult to fit into your existing style. A standard, oval shape, white tub seems like a safer choice. However, once you discover our collection of handmade, copper tubs, you will not want any other appliance! The good news is that with some clever design tricks, any size of bathroom can look fantastic and fit a freestanding, copper bathtub. It will instantly add a luxurious flair to your setting and make it a relaxing space. Check our blog for more ideas concerning different types of copper bathtubs. A freestanding model is perhaps the most striking one as it must be placed in a visible spot and will steal the spotlight of your décor. However, you can customize your tub in shape, size and even patina color. Hand-hammered, copper bathtubs do not have to be oval and take up a lot of space. While traditional freestanding tubs are quite large, there are numerous styles such as soaking tubs that allow you to install a freestanding tub in small areas.

Copper appliances revamp any space. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, it will make it look much more exclusive and unique. You can consider adding some additional decorative elements that will make your tub a focal point of your Master bath. A freestanding, copper bathtub can be set on pedestals or be set on customized stands such as clawfoot. As a matter of fact, it has been proven that a home that owns a clawfoot bathtub sells 30% times quicker. Our decorative, copper tubs can also feature bottom bans with a relief pattern or rivets around the wall of the tub. Depending on the design, it might enhance more of a Southwestern style, Victorian or Colonial. If you like one of our tub models but the size is not adapting to your requirement, you can always order it custom-made. It will take some time but the result will be a long-lasting, lavish appliance that will transform your baths into a time of relaxation.


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