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Brighten your Home with Custom Copper Elements

If you are not a big fan of the cold look or wrought iron but still love metalwork in your interior décor, consider custom copper appliances and accessories. Copper is definitely warmer than the grey or silver hue of zinc but less `pompous than for instance gold. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the outdoors, copper accessories and furniture such as copper range hoods or copper pendant lamps will add an elegant but cozy shine to any space and will brighten your home with custom copper elements.

custom copper kitchen hood in wall mount version

Copper is such a wonderful material to work with due to its flexibility and natural patina that changes with time. Thanks to that, copper is taking the world of interior design by storm. It is not only copper pans and pots hanging above a rustic stove. We are talking about most vanguardist items that will be an unquestionable showstopper in your apartment, loft, or residency. As for the style, again the custom copper appliances are winning the competition. With various patina finishing that range from light or oxidized to dark and antique, the same model of a copper bathtub can look totally distinct. That is how copper magic works. How can you benefit from this unique and welcoming shine? In the case of the kitchen, the most powerful way you can add a metallic element is by installing a copper, hand-hammered hood. Any copper vent hood from our collection is made to become the focal point of your kitchen. Whether you choose the wall mount or above the kitchen island, this magnificent appliance will look fabulous and effectively get rid of all unwanted smells and grease. You can coordinate this metallic masterpiece with some stunning copper pendant lamps or if you want to go full on metal, we also offer custom copper backsplashes.

The bathroom can also benefit from the lavish look of copper. Add a warm and reddish hue to the monochromatic, white master bath or powder room and it will instantly pop out from the standard look. You can order a customized copper sink with smooth or hammered texture and even add some patterns. Just check our bathroom sink collection. We have designs for all styles and tastes. A matching copper mirror with a copper frame will bring a refined atmosphere to any bathroom. As for the copper mirrors, they can be introduced practically in any space of your home. They will embellish your rooms but also, they will make them look larger and with more natural light.

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