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Copper Vent Hoods for Small Kitchens

When searching for ideal appliances and furnishings for a smaller kitchen you might think you have fewer options than other homeowners with larger homes. Perhaps you think you must settle for a less stylish option. You should not underestimate the copper vent hoods for small kitchens from My CustomCopper that with a customized size will become the statement piece you were missing in your decor.

copper hood for small kitchen

Our company had been dedicated to the production of custom copper range hoods among many other things made of copper for decades. You can probably find millions of copper vent hoods` suppliers but only a few of them can offer non-standard models. We not only offer standard sizes for decorative vent hoods. If your kitchen hood requires a special width or height due to the layout of the cabinets and the size of the room, you can send us a custom-made order with the exact specification. On the other hand, we would recommend you check the side menu with offered sizes. The smallest one is a hood of 30 inches. Take into account that while choosing an extractor, it should always be a couple of inches larger than your stove. Despite the obvious, the reason for that is not only aesthetical but functional. You want your extractor to protect your kitchen effectively from unwanted smells and to keep it fresh and free from grease. Therefore, your first step for finding an ideal appliance is to measure your cooker. The kitchen range hood should cover all the surfaces of the cooking area to ventilate as efficiently as possible.

On the other hand, using a hand-hammered range hood like ours can be a stunning and unique way to add a designer feel to your kitchen. Perhaps you do not have space for a fancy dining table or large kitchen island and a grandiose chandelier, but you can create an amazing atmosphere with our copper vent hoods for small kitchens. Check the whole collection of copper hoods for some inspiration. You can see that not only do they vary in size and shape, but also the patina color and the style of hammering. Usually, a metallic appliance of this quality will always draw the attention of any guest. Copper has a very warm and welcoming hue that fits beautifully with both wooden and rustic kitchens and modern, all-white spaces. In the first situation, the darker patina will look very cohesive with the farmhouse setting of the rest of the kitchen. As for the contemporary ambiance, the copper range hoods are a great way of contrasting minimalist décor. They add a very homely and comfortable feeling.

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