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Choosing High Quality Copper Hood

If you care for a flawless and impeccable look of your kitchen and you want all your furnishings and appliance in good shape, you must install a premium copper range hood. Known also as an extractor or vent hood, this application extracts odor, heat, and grease from cooking and filters clean air into the kitchen. Therefore, choosing high quality copper hood is a must in a modern kitchen. It will help you to keep your décor clean and exquisite as on the day you finished your renovation.

copper vent hood wall mount

Why should you opt for a copper range hood?- you may ask. There are so many factors that make copper an excellent material for home appliances and in this article, we will name just a few of them. Kitchen copper hoods should easily complement the kitchen aesthetics. In terms of its versatility, copper fits in all styles you can imagine and goes well with so many materials used often in the kitchens. Each model of our hand-hammered copper range hoods offers three options as far as the patina finishing. You can order it in natural, fired, or antique patina options. As a customer that is choosing high quality copper hood, you must be sure that the supplier you will buy from has a broad range of customization features. It does not make any sense to invest in a copper appliance and not be able to order a fully customized version that fits your kitchen size and style to perfection. In the case of My Custom Copper, we take great pride in offering each model of copper extractors for both wall and island installation. Most of the homeowners opt for wall or in-between cabinets range hood but recently there is a trend to create a cooking station with an oven and sink in your kitchen island. In that case, you should choose an island copper hood.

Our stunning collection of handmade copper vent hoods includes an incredible variety of styles, ranging from simple but modern to intricate, rustic hoods that include high relief patterns. It is easier to find the perfect match for your kitchen if there is a large availability of copper hood models. Just have a look at how distinct feeling can give similar size and shape copper hoods that have two different patinas applied on them. Adding metallic straps or rivets can also make a big difference. Many models of our high-quality copper hoods include vertical or horizontal straps that can be made of copper or contrasting metal. Lastly, you can also enjoy a copper vent hood with a personalized high relief pattern hand-hammered in the bottom band of the hood just like in the “Lincoln” model decorated with some grapes.

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