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Round Copper Bathroom Sinks

Adding custom-made copper elements into your interior décor will definitely upgrade the overall look of your home. There is something special about this precious metal that adds a feeling of elegance and timeless charm, regarding the style. Unmistakable cookware hanging above the kitchen counter or copper farmhouse sink that has served families around the world for centuries is perhaps the most noticeable use of copper. However, kitchens are not the only space that can need a custom copper product’s presence. Just have a look at our impressive collection of round copper bathroom sinks. From simple patterns and polished, mirror-like surfaces to special patina finishing and even more extraordinary designs carved on the basin’s wall, any homeowner will be able to find a perfect fit for their master bath or smaller, guest bathroom.

custom hammered bathroom round copper sink

It is not only because we produce decorative copper products, but we really believe that hand-hammered copper sinks are not just ordinary sinks, and the overall satisfaction of our clients confirms that. Preparing a tailor-made oval, rectangular or round copper sink is not an easy task, as you can imagine. We do not use an assembly line where you just press the button and wait for the result. Each of our round copper sinks is made upon the order and therefore they can present some small variations in size or patina style, which make them even more extraordinary. On that note, if you are willing to buy two copper sink models for a double vanity, it is recommendable to order them simultaneously. It is impossible to have the same tones on two products that were done in different moments because copper is a “living” metal, meaning it changes color over time. The beauty of copper is unique among decorative materials because the transformation it undergoes are unique and depend on many factors such as climate or use.

If you are looking for a statement piece to decorate your bathroom vanity, a round copper sink will perform excellently. It is not a vessel type of sink that is installed on top of the bathroom counter, the client has two options: to install it as drop-in or undermount. Another category that you can actually customize is the patina finishing. Round copper bathroom sinks offer five patina options from traditional looking dark or fired finishing to oxidized or polished surfaces that are perhaps more appropriate for modern interiors. Consider adding another decorative element that is made of high-quality copper such as a copper mirror frame to create a cohesive layout in your bathroom. A hand-hammered copper sink can also go solo, as a contrasting and very warm addition to all-white bathrooms.

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