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Benefits of Handmade Copper Tub

Some of us prioritize functionality; others look for the most spectacular design. What if you could have both? When it comes to renovating bathrooms, we all want the most comfortable solution that there are on the market. With custom-made copper bathroom appliances, you will be able to take advantage of every inch in the room and your bathroom will gain a personality. A unique copper bathroom design is a definitive statement in any size bathroom. You can feel like a royal taking those long, soothing baths, especially if you discover all the benefits of a handmade copper tub that we want to reveal in this post!

handmade copper tub

What is the main use of a bathtub? It seems like a relic from the past. Who needs an appliance of that size if you can have a functional shower, right? Having an artisan-made bathtub is an expression of a strong belief that not everything in this world has to practical or pragmatic. It is an attitude of wanting to feel glamorous every time you go to have a bath. Once you have one of our stunning copper tubs, you will want to spend hours in your private spa. Therefore, you should know that copper retains the water temperature much better than most materials that are on the current market such as fiberglass. That is great news for both your electric bill and for the environment. For decades we came across many myths about custom-made copper range hoods, sinks, and tubs (which are our main products). People say they are very expensive and equally difficult to maintain. There is a lot of fear concerning the process of changing the copper patina with time. It is the truth that copper is sensitive to abrasive chemicals but so do many other materials. Our vintage copper bathtubs can be customized with different patinas that are special finishing treatments that avoid changes in patina color. In fact, the process of maintaining a copper tub is very straightforward. You could say that a high-quality metal is taking care of itself. To help maintain your copper kitchen sink, bathtub, or copper table rinse it with water and dry completely after each use to prevent spotting. Not to mention it is the most hygienic metal of all. The surfaces eliminate more than 99% of bacteria known to be human pathogens within just two hours. This means that bacteria literally cannot live on the surface. In areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, knowing this benefit of handmade copper tub give out clients even more certainty that choosing copper was the best decision they could have done.

As for the price, buying a soaking copper bathtub is a decision that you will have to make only once in your life. Not because it is such a traumatic experience but because these appliances last for generations! Again, it is great for your wallet and our planet. As you can see copper product offers an infinity of benefits, beyond its undeniable beauty.

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