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Metal Range Hoods


Indispensable but rather unattractive, this was the general belief about kitchen extractors in the past. Metal range hoods were large appliances that would “destroy” the elegant and fancy kitchen décor with its flashy look that rarely matched with the rest of the existing setup. However, nowadays, hand-hammered vent hoods have turned into a sophisticated centerpiece in a kitchen design. Installing an extractor is one of the best remedies for controlling grease, heat, and smoke that may fill up the kitchen due to some heavy cooking. However, it is also a great way to introduce a designer, metallic look into your interiors. It has never been so entertaining and easy to pick the ideal vent hood as you can find it in any size, shape and finishing.

custom made metal range hood for a kitchen in wall mount version

In the case of our online stone- My Custom Copper specializes in handcrafted, one-of-a-kind copper appliances and unique, designing items. Within our exclusive products, you can find thousands of astonishing models of copper range hoods that will pair with any imaginable kitchen styles. Apart from phenomenal extractors, you can find more hand-made products that will enhance the beauty and singularity of your kitchens such as apron front kitchen sinks and lavish copper tabletops to upgrade your interiors. Being such a sizeable appliance, a copper vent hood has to be chosen wisely so instead of conflicting your kitchen decor it sets the tone for the rest of items. Our customers have the advantage of ordering their brand new metal range hoods in a customized version. Our highly experiences coppersmiths can adjust the measurements, shapes and the patina color to create the ideal metallic extractor. From slim and tall, decorated with rivets and relief bands to more sturdy and narrower designs, any homeowner will find the most suitable copper range hood. Most of the models can be installed in three ways: wall mount, under cabinets and above the kitchen island which means there are endless options for our metal range hoods installation.

Lastly, we must remember that apart from the amazing appearance, a copper, hand-made hood has to be functional. As beautiful as a metal range can be, if it does not have an effective insert, it is just sizeable decoration. We want it to be both, a stunning, designing element that sets your kitchen style and also an elegant machine that gets rid o all the unwelcomed smells. Our metal range hoods have an insert installed for free. Additionally, we can customize your range hood interior for any brand insert. The only information we need is your linear model number. Please keep in mind the insert width needs to be a few inches smaller than your custom metal range hood itself.

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