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Hammered Copper Bathroom Sinks

Whether you are looking for this copper little thing that would make your bathroom stand out from the crowd or you are planning on a huge remodeling? Order hand hammered copper bathroom sinks as they are the a perfect way to add a personal signature. It could be a master or perhaps smaller, powder bath. With thousands of chic and unique that you can see on the Internet, you will not find many of such unique and elegant hammered copper sinks from Mexico like in our Internet store. Designer bathroom sinks are living their come-back and they are actually a latest trend in design as the vintage and shabby looks are all in and they are getting popular with interior designers and homeowners.

In case you want some slight change and upgrade your interior look, handmade copper bathroom sinks and bathtubs are a quite affordable idea. There are all kinds of sinks for home use available in our online outlet store. They can be round, oval, square, rectangular or irregular custom hammered in shape specified by the buyer. Our company offers copper sinks with additional hammered designs including stars, horseshoes, animals such as fish for example or a floral motif (leaves, palm trees, flowers etc.). If you are planing to but copper sinks for commercial bathroom use, we can request the coppersmith to have your restaurants logo hammered inside the basin as well.

custom hammered copper sinks in a bathroom

Our handcrafted copper bathroom sinks are sold in various standard sizes that can be chosen form the side menu but if you are seeking specific measurements, we will have it custom made for you. We are taking special pride in our attention to details and we have many years of experience in full customization of our products. Apart from size, you can also select a patina color of your choice as a finishing touch to fabricate your ideal sinks, creating an exceptional effect and adding value to any style.

There are interesting types of washbasins among our oval copper sinks such as drop-in, undermount and vessel style. We offer our clients many intricate and extraordinary. You will create an amazing rustic decor that embodies natural materials, earthy colors and elements. The round copper sinks have it all. Luckily being such as versatile fixture, go perfectly with many concepts. If you wish to keep your bathroom clean and minimalist, just choose a simple idea for your wall and floor design and incorporate Mexican copper sinks so they can catch an eye of any guest. If your desire is a vintage style, the bronze color goes fantastically with polished wooden floors and other details. For a darker room, you can opt for bathroom fixtures with a light patina finish to brighten up the area. Whatever your taste is, we are sure we have the best hand hammered copper bathroom sinks for you!

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