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Custom Copper Mirrors

The copper is such a trendy material among interior designers who developed many amazing ways to incorporate it to home decor. One of them would be placing custom copper mirrors for a wall, using them as accents in the home as a great way to add instant warmth, elegance, and rustic glam. The custom frames are a great addition in bedrooms, bathrooms and entryways. Unquestionably it is versatile, decorative items to be used in for home decorating.

A bathroom mirror is such a great possibility to play with. It adds the warmth to a neutral palette that you want to keep in light, relaxing colors. Imagine a gorgeous hacienda bathtub designed in the finest European traditions that will take center stage and adding a few Mexican copper mirrors from Mexico placed above the vintage sinks. It will elevate landscaping to the higher level. You match earthy, light colors of the walls and floor with this stunning glow of elements that will instantly drive the attention. You can move towards harmony or contradiction while combining your metal fixtures. You can choose between rectangular, oval, square or round mirror frames and then opt for the patina options that best suit the metal hue of your tub. If you, on the contrary, love mixing materials and you search an astonishing effect, you can place two copper products with entirely contrasting finishing.

custom copper mirror frame from Mexico

As for the rest of your home, a framed mirror is an excellent and affordable way for a little warmth to the wall, whether it is your foyer or hotel lobby. You don’t have a fortune when you need to decorate your kitchen, eclectic might be the way to go. You can combine many rustic copper accessories, some old and some new, to create a perfect individual flair. Choose empty walls and fill it with the polished pots and our custom copper mirrors from Mexico to bring a welcome contrast to an otherwise modest and dull corner of the kitchen. An alternative bold statement is to use mirrored backsplash behind a kitchen apron sink to make small space looking bigger and draw the attention of your guest to a specific area.

Besides the bathroom mirror that you use every morning, many custom copper mirrors from Mexico are used for decorative purposes, especially in your bedroom or living room. In larger areas such as the dining room, hang them with varying shapes and sizes. Just make sure they are complementing and not competing for attention. For instance, you can have several round mirrors with different sizes and your purchase is so much easier if you have an option to customize each model like in the case of our company. Modern mirror style is increasingly creative and unique, because of new technologies homeowners are in the market for something distinctive. You can also find a modern twist on a traditional looking mirror such as Colonial or old European style which are our specialty. Another jazzy idea is to install a mirror on a wall adjacent to your outdoor area. It is a good solution for those with small gardens. It gives a perception that the flowers have spread further than they have.

If you are thinking of creating a home improvement art gallery that includes copper mirrors, it usually works well when all the pieces are hanging on a single wall. This creates a sort of a showplace that becomes the focal area of the room. Try to choose a wall or a decorative table that is directly opposite the windows. This allows the hacienda mirrors to reflect more light around.

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