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Unique Tables with Custom Copper Tabletop

Whether your business space or private residency needs a makeover, you can achieve dramatic changes by adding elegant and alluring copper dining room tables. With their unique hues and various designs, our custom copper furnishing can add a whole new dimension to the existing décor. Our bestseller- unique tables with custom copper tabletop became so popular among our clients probably because of the rich combination of warm copper tabletop and sleek iron bases. This captivating metallic fusion creates a statement in any style dining room or open kitchen. It is also highly recommended for chic bars and soulful restaurants not only due to its one-of-a-kind aesthetic but also because of its easy maintenance.

custom copper tabletop with an iron base in a dining room


Our company specialises in custom made products that adopt to clients’ taste. The team of experienced metalsmiths help you maximize your design ideas to ensure the end result is the best of the best. The Mexican copper is known for its high-quality and endless benefits for both health and décor. It is a very mouldable material that makes working with it a real pleasure and enables us to offer the most versatile designs in copper range hoods, mirrors, bathtubs and many more. Match different custom copper products from My Custom Copper to obtain extraordinary settings in rustic, Colonial, Victorian and modern style. Discover the patina finish options that can substantially modify the look of your new copper table. The natural copper goes through an ageing process during which it oxidizes over time creating a greenish patina, creating a one-of-a-kind tabletop. Some clients love observing that gradual transformation of its copper products. Others want to keep the original appearance and for that, you have an option of patina finish which involves treating the metal the way it will maintain the chosen patina for decades.

Available in a wide range of styles, unique tables with custom copper tabletop can be ordered as round, square, rectangular and even in irregular shapes. We can elaborate uncommon dining furnishing for your home and business that might consist of small coffee tables, sizeable, barn table that can accommodate a large family or a fancy bar counter. The use of custom copper tabletop is quite broad, however, you should have in mind that it should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods because it can destroy its patina. Also, copper has high thermal conductivity so it will absorb heat and when exposed to direct sunlight for longer may get hot. For patio furniture, we would recommend aluminum furniture and in the case of a copper dining table- an obligatory umbrella to protect the surface.

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