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Unique Bathroom Copper Sinks

If you are looking for selling your property and want to make an upgrade, any professional would recommend you focus on the kitchen and bathroom. Those rooms will make you a quick and successful sell. Now, sometimes with a small change, you achieve a great result that will make your old-fashioned or styleless bathroom look stunning. If you do not want to spend weeks on remodeling, we would suggest you revamp the bathroom vanity which is the first thing any guest will see. Things like unique bathroom copper sinks or impressive copper frame mirrors can do magic and make your home stand out from the crowd of predictable decors. It will be an update that we are sure any outdated bathroom can benefit from, regardless of its style.

 unique copper sinks

If adding small but essential improvements, you should choose the best quality you can get. The custom copper appliances will make a powerful statement and will last for decades if they are high-quality and designed in accordance with the homeowner's needs and tastes. The good news is that our handmade, copper sinks are more affordable than you could imagine. Moreover, all our artisan products are done upon the order and therefore we can customize many features that otherwise would come in standard options. We can create unique, bathroom copper sinks for any size and style’s room. Each hand-hammered, copper sink can be modified in terms of size, shape, hammering technique as well as patina color and decorative engraving. Most of our copper designs including copper bathtubs, copper range hoods, or bathroom and kitchen copper sinks can be found in our online catalog that includes side menus for customizing. Additionally, each year we are introducing new models that we think might adjust to present trends in interior designing or were suggested by our clients.


As far as the bathroom copper sinks, all our models, regardless of round or oval shape, can be installed in two ways: drop-in and undermount. The decision is mostly aesthetical. If you want to save space on your bathroom vanity, then you should go for an undermount option. It will provide a sleek and clean look because the sink edges usually are installed under the counter which offers a seamless look. On the other hand, you can order a drop-in which is easier to install because you can put it into the existing hole while in the case of undermount sinks, the constructor should cut an opening in the bathroom counter in the size and shape of the sink bowl.


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