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Made by masterful artisans in the cradle of Mexican copper, our handmade, copper sinks for both kitchens and bathrooms will improve instantly the overall look of your interiors. Whether your style is modern or more traditional, a custom copper appliance will be the highlight of your interiors. Why? As a custom copper sinks supplier, we do fully appreciate the value of this sophisticated metal and its use in a home setting.

custom copper sinks

My Custom Copper is a leading copper sinks supplier for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as many other custom copper products that will bring elegance and lush to your next home renovation project. You can find an exquisite collection of decorative copper bathtubs that can match your round and oval copper bathroom sinks. It is a powerful combination of metal appliances that are both durable and breathtaking. The client can choose among round, square, rectangular, and oval shape sinks for their Master bath or powder room. Because our products are fully customizable, we can adjust the size and shape to your necessities. The good news is that there is no extra cost for the additional work. The client only pays for the material that was used during the elaboration of each copper appliance. In the end, you receive a made-to-order, fully functional sink that will look amazing and express your style. As far as the copper, bathroom sinks, we offer refined but affordable designs that are ranging from Colonial, Victorian and Mexican sinks with fancy ornaments to sleek and clean lines suitable for contemporary and transitional bathrooms. Each copper sink can be installed as a drop-in, undermount and there is also an entire collection of vessel-style sinks.

As we have mentioned previously, copper is a very versatile material that works with both, modern and traditional interiors. The welcoming, warm hue and natural aspect make it a perfect addition to any kitchen. It is a space where you want to build a comfortable ambiance but also you want to have the most practical items to make your life easier. Our copper sinks for kitchens include many, remarkable models of copper farmhouse sink that have been popular in households for many centuries. The appealing look of the exposed frontal wall is what keeps them so fashionable for so long. As a copper sinks supplier that has been on the market for decades, we understand very well the needs of our clients and try to offer the most functional solutions. If you are looking to add a statement in your kitchen, an apron front sink made of high-quality copper will draw all the eyes to your new kitchen décor. As a custom copper sinks supplier, we are doing our best to broaden the collection each year so you can match the style of the copper washbasin with the overall look of your kitchen setup and especially the kitchen cabinets and counters. We can design unique decorations on the front part of the sink or design a singular shape. You can order your farmhouse copper sink as one or double bowl. As you can see there are so many ways we can make your custom copper sink fit exactly your taste.

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