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Decorative Copper Vent Hoods

Without a top-quality vent hood, the smoke and grease produced when you cook will remain inside, which not only make your kitchen look much deteriorated, but is also unhealthy for your family. Nowadays, a powerful range hood is a must, and if you also dream about making a statement with your extractor, you will love our decorative copper vent hoods. If you are looking for a durable and stunning piece that will be a showstopper, check our collection of made-to-order copper hoods. Sturdy as iron but also flexible for moulding and creating beautiful decorative elements, copper is one of the best choices for unique home appliances.

Made by skilful blacksmiths, a copper range hood can become undeniably a central piece of your newly renovated project. It works perfectly in commercial spaces such as open kitchen restaurants and bars as well as private households. Designed to fit your taste, decorative copper vent hoods can be fully customized to the needs of your kitchen in terms of size, style, patina color and hammering texture. Once you get your new extractor installed, it will upgrade your kitchen and make it look extremely appealing and sophisticated. Many times the cabinets can be made of average materials. However, you want your main appliances such as oven, fridge and range hood to perform flawlessly and look amazing. Take into account that you will be able to match one of our decorative vent hoods with our farmhouse copper sinks. They might have a matching pattern engraved on the copper surface or similar patina embellishing both pieces. We design handmade, copper range hoods in several styles ranging from classic and rustic to modern, which can incorporate many textures and metal finishes. Therefore, it is a very versatile product that can be introduced in contemporary as well as farmhouse kitchens. Copper is an attractive material choice for interior design due to its versatility, malleability, durability, and eco-friendly nature. It is a quite flexible metal so creating remarkable shapes is not a problem at all.

The customer who visits our web page can soon discover the diversity of styles of our exclusive copper extractors. From tall and slim hoods ideal for high ceiling kitchens to broader types that fit a double stove, without a doubt, you will find the most suitable option for your kitchen. That is especially important if you are ordering a new hood to an existing kitchen layout. Remember that we can design a copper hood model with additional fancy decorations such as vertical and horizontal straps, decorative bands with relief patterns and rivets. This complex metalwork makes our decorative vent hoods the most competitive on the current market.

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