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Custom Copper Undermount Sinks

One of our important buyers is in look out for a perfect home for his next move. While being in true designing mode having a copper undermount sink in mind, John selected his preferable bathroom sink (Torreon oval sink design from Custom Copper) and is now searching for the best bathroom to spotlight it. For a long time he had a quite clear vision of what he would like to achieve. With helping advice of his real estate broker Thomas Denver, he already took a look at a few properties corresponding with his budget. Upon preliminary current market analyzes both gentleman concluded their home search is not going to be too difficult. In fact, copper sinks are at home in a variety of bathroom styles and John believes the beauty of metal is, it can be used in all type of settings. We saw them displayed in various home decorating catalogs furnishing bathrooms in cottages, country houses and ultra modern loft apartments.

Copper undermount sink he decided to buy is oval with a flat lip. It makes possible to install it not only as copper undermount sink but also drop-in. In any case, in both configurations the home renovator or contractor needs to cut an opening in the bathroom counter in a size and shape of the sink bowl. Whether you decide to have the counter placed on the top of it or above the sink edges is up to you. In other words, copper undermount sink is also at the same time drop-in sink because in either installation method you connect its drain inside the cabinet as lower part of it accessible from there.

It is important to mention that this particular sink style is simple without any decorative elements embedded in its surface. It is made of 21 gauge hammered copper and it can be equipped with a drain back system. They are made of copper tubs joining lower drain with upper over flow holes located in front of the sink. This feature can be very useful especially if you have children using you copper undermount sink unattended. It resolves the problem of flooding bathroom floor by forgetting to closed water flow from the bath faucets or in general overfilling the sink.

bathroom copper undermount sink oval

All Custom Copper bathroom sinks and that include of course undermount, drop-in and vessel are offered with a number of patina finishes. Our oval sink presented on the product detail page was produced by hand with coffee color patina.

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