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Statement Copper Range Hood

Statement copper range hood is a stylish and beautiful addition to ant style kitchen, but it is a kind of appliance that requires some care and maintenance. However, many benefits come from having a cooktop or range with a commercial-grade copper vent hood on it for your home cooking needs.  Copper is such a beautiful material, and it has so much aesthetics. From the way it captures light, to the way it changes its color with heat, copper is a prized material for many homeowners. All our clients agree that after installing one of our hand-hammered copper hoods, their kitchens just boost with elegance and style. They will make your cooking area look more modern and sleeker, while also adding a unique design to any space.

custom copper range hood design

The statement copper range hood is 25% more energy efficient than most range hoods on the market. The hand-hammered copper hood is used for both decorative and functional purposes. It’s made has been crafted to produce a rustic look, with a patina that gradually develops over time. The glossy finish of the copper looks great among other kitchen accessories and can be used to complement other metals in the room like stainless steel, brass, and bronze. The decorative copper vent hood can be customized for your needs with optional accessories such as recirculation kits, is perfect for pairing with the hand-hammered copper kitchen range or stovetop. High-quality copper range hoods provide excellent protection against grease and smoke. They can also be used around fireplaces and outdoor cooking areas. There is no surprise that copper vent hoods are stylish and luxurious. made of 100% solid copper for maximum durability, quality, and longevity. For all that reason, your copper extractor can become the flagship of your kitchen.

Copper range hoods are a perfect choice for those who want something that will both look good in their kitchen and perform well because it is an attractive metal that also happens to be one of the most conductive metals to allow heat to escape quickly. Are often a luxury purchase for the kitchen. They are usually made of hand-hammered copper, a recycled material that is becoming more and more popular with home buyers. Is an eco-friendly material that does not require any chemical polishing or processing. The metallic range hood has a great and smooth texture, and it has a beautiful sheen to it. The metallic coloration creates a reflective shimmer that differentiates this type of hood from stainless steel or black, among other options. Copper range hoods from Mexico can be either flat or curved in design and they are available in several different sizes as well as styles, from traditional to modern.

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