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Kitchen Copper Range Hoods

Copper is currently a very trendy material to add to houses and apartments' décors. It can look very vintage but also utterly modern, depending on the context and the execution of the item. That is why its versatility gives it a huge advantage over other metals. One of the flagship products of My Custom Copper is a kitchen copper range hood. Since the opening, we have helped to find the ideal copper appliances for millions of satisfied clients all over the world. One of the reasons for our success is obviously the price but not less important is the high quality of our handmade work and last but not least incredible customisation options.

kitchen copper range hoods

Consider installing a kitchen copper range hood if you are looking for a statement piece that will set the tone for the rest of your décor. Whether you are making a project from scratch or you have a kitchen that went out of fashion and you want to upgrade its look, a metallic vent hood is a great option. It can be an eye-catching element even if installed in between the cabinets. Additionally, a copper range hood fits into any style. You do not believe us? Just have a look at some ideas of farmhouse, modern rustic or industrial kitchens. They all include a suitable copper extractor. You just need the right shape, size and hammering technique as well as patina color. Every year we add new models so that our collection of copper appliances could adjust to the most vanguard trends in interior design. We also believe in the importance of classic and old-world looking pieces of furniture. That is why the predominant style of our decorative range hoods is rustic with a little bit of country or Southern flair. You can as well check other rustic products that can help you to highlight this vintage feel such as farmhouse copper sinks or copper dining tables.

We are not a mass-production factory. All items you can find on our web page are handmade on individual bases and treated as separate projects, allowing the buyer to easily customize the shape, size and color of the copper patina. Furthermore, we can decorate them by adding straps, make crown moulding from different metals and even convert the appliance into recirculating type. We offer kitchen copper range hoods for wall mount and island in four different patina colour. Custom copper range hoods are available in rustic natural fired finishing that creates a more Southern Texas look. There is a dark coffee patina that fits great in a vintage style kitchen. You can have it done in light washed with darker paint. It makes the copper range hoods seem much older than they are in reality. Our latest inclusion in copper hood decoration and the most versatile one is natural rusted green. It can work for both very modern interior as well as with antique home design. The finished product can be produced as smooth or hammered.

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