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Standout Copper Range Hood

The exhaust system with awkwardly-looking tubes and pipes installed above the cooktops will not help embellish your kitchen design. However, ventilating away smells, steam, and heat created during cooking is not only essential but also obligatory for the remodeling of any kitchen. What if you could have both: the useful appliance that is also stunning? With a standout copper range hood, you will be able to create an incomparable look for a highly designed kitchen. Our artisan-made, custom products made by Mexican craftsmen will boost a style you choose, and that night range from the most traditional, rooted in the Colonial origin to eclectic and modern.

copper vent hood installed as wall mount in a kitchen

Make your kitchen a room for display. We all spend a lot of time in kitchens, especially if they are connected with a dining room or living room which is quite a popular option recently. Having that in mind, you want your décor to be as stylish as it can be. A custom-made copper range hood will definitely make a powerful statement and it probably will be the first thing your guest will see (unless you might order a vent hood between cabinets that is kind of hidden). However, ordering an appliance of that size, you should give it a very presentable spot. It goes normally above the stove but your stove could be installed against the wall but also on your kitchen island. As for the installation of a hand-hammered copper range hood, we offer each model as a wall mount or above the island and we can additionally customize many factors of your chosen design. That makes designing your perfect kitchen so much easier! To order an ideal copper range hood that can make your kitchen look even better, you should, first of all, take the measurements including the height of the ceiling, the width of the space, if the extractor will be hanging between the kitchen cabinets. Secondly, think of what style you are trying to achieve with our handmade, copper appliances. Remember that you can combine them with other rustic items we produce such as copper farmhouse sinks or copper tops for lavish dining tables.

Lastly, adding a standout copper range hood can be boosted by choosing a patina finish that can make it stand out from the rest of your kitchen décor. This idea is not difficult at all. The reddish, warm tone of copper combines beautifully with the light and “sterile” ambiances of many kitchens. You can highlight a modern feel by ordering a polished copper range. The same hood could look much more vintage if applied with an antique patina finishing. Remember about creating a cohesive décor and incorporating the right copper vent hood. As much as the specific hood design is selected, how the surrounding elements are arranged will have a big impact on the overall look of the hood and its visual role in the design.

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