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Undermount Copper Kitchen Sinks

Today market gives to the consumer endless decor possibilities in kitchen copper sinks and at the same time, the decision has never been so complicated. Why should you choose one of our undermount copper kitchen sinks? Let's see some of the main factors to consider while choosing your ideal sink.

undermount copper sink in a kitchen

Kitchen sinks come in many different materials. Porcelain, steel, stone, and copper are all popular among homeowners. Besides the obvious differences in aesthetics, the copper is one of the most durable materials and it is not so heavy like a stone so if you are ordering from abroad, it will be less expensive as well. The high-quality copper like the one My Custom Copper company is using is a guarantee of a many-years excellent performance. It is a material that will not crack or chop so you want to use it in a high-traffic environment like cooking and washing dishes area. Therefore it is a perfect addition in modern and traditional kitchens of an extended family or homeowners who love having guests over. There is also some more characteristics of the copper that few knows and that will make you fall in love with that shiny, bronze-color metal. First of all, it is resistant to corrosion just like stainless steel. Secondly, it is naturally antibacterial which means it gets rid of any bacteria from its surface! What a convenient quality for an appliance that you want to keep as clean as possible. The maintenance is extremely easy with our undermount copper kitchen sinks as well. Try not to use abrasive products as you could destroy the copper patina. You are good with just water and regular soap. Custom copper products have a natural patina that develops when it comes in contact with the water. Different copper sink manufacturers have different finishes and in our case, we are offering three patina options or we can polish your new undermount sink so it will have an almost mirror-like look.

As far as the mounting type, you are probably asking which sink: undermount or drop-in should you choose? We highly recommend the undermount option, especially if you are remodeling the whole kitchen. The installation under the kitchen counter is best done when the kitchen counter-tops are being replaced, or you can make a new fresh cut that is larger than the original sink cut out. Under-counter installations are visually more appealing and all-around easier to keep clean and offer less risk of corrosion. Lastly, as far as the look is concerned, you can choose among many stunning models of single bowl copper sink or double copper that are sold in various shapes and sizes. And as far as the design that we think it is something of a personal taste of each customer, we recommend to think about the way you use your cooking and washing the dishes area. A large, single bowl copper sink can be enough for many of us but if you like to leave the dishes to dry, you might consider a double bowl. Any of our double-basin kitchen sinks provide versatile functionality in durable and thick Mexican copper. You can choose between equal or unequal double basin sinks. The unequal double bowls accommodate large and small items and create a stylish focal point that fits any decor.

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