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Rustic Range Hood for Your Kitchen

In MyCustom Copper, we are dedicated to offering the best copper products for spacious residences and smaller apartments. The copper is an ideal material to create a farmhouse feel in any space so if you are looking for a rustic range hood for your kitchen keep on reading as we want to help guide you in your quest for the perfect kitchen appliances for your home.

rustic range hood
How to choose a hammered vent hood to achieve an upgrade and instant glamourous makeover is an important question for all homeowners that do not use the interior designers' services. We do not want an appliance of that size and relevance to get out of tune with the rest of the kitchen's layout. The good news is that creating a rustic vibe in a kitchen is quite an easy thing to do. It seems like a kitchen is a perfect environment for mixing earthy materials like wood, stone and metals including steel or copper. Handmade and unique decorative elements like ceramic cookware, hand-painted tiles with an antique finishing or copper sink will definitely facilitate an authentic farmhouse kitchen makeover. Secondly, if you check our collection of metal range hood, soon you will discover that pretty much any model can be customized to the client's taste. Therefore, a Colonial looking extractor can easily be personalized with different patina option and hammered technique and as a result, the same item can have a lovely, rustic appearance.

The first issue a homeowner should take into account is whether the decor will be built up around the rustic range hood or if a shiny, metallic extractor will be installed in already existing arrangement. In that case, you should decide on the type of your appliance-wall mount, under-cabinet or island mount copper range hood. After that, the client should consider adding some more ornaments on the copper vent moulding. The rustic style can be highlighted with straps that can be made of a variety of metals including other color copper installed vertically, horizontally or both. Further to it, the copper vent hood straps can be decorated with rivets and nails that can be done with copper or another material for contrasting effect. A final look will definitely astonish any guests and your new rustic range hood for your kitchen will become a statement piece. Check our web page for more décor inspiration. We elaborate many handmade copper products that can pair with rustic vent hood.


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