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Decorative Copper Oval Mirrors

With a broad scope of frame options, from smooth and chic to rustic and distressed, the copper oval mirrors transform a decorative habitual mirror into a statement piece of luxurious decoration. Hand-hammered, copper applications and homewares are always a stunning idea when upgrading and remodeling houses and apartments. In the case of copper, oval mirrors they can be an elegant addition in lobbies, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

coper oval mirrors hanged on the living room wall

Mirrors are great for so many reasons—they reflect light, they make any space look bigger, and they just add a lot of style. However, before you hang a custom made copper mirror take into account what is across from it. While we often hang mirrors based on available wall space, it’s important to think about what will be reflected in it. Remember to place your copper oval mirrors in front of an object or piece of furniture you want to give importance. Obviously, if you consider bathrooms, there is no a lot of room for innovation as this kind of spaces is usually quite limited. However, if you have a Master bath, you can accommodate two same design or different patterned mirrors above the sink’s counters. Match your metallic mirror with a custom copper sink of your choice. Our copper, oval mirrors can be easily adjusted to the existing décor by choosing vertical or horizontal setup. Additionally, you can customize your design by choosing one of the patina color options and hammering or smooth surface. Additionally, you can customize your design by choosing one of the patina color options and hammering technique.

There are four finishing possibilities you can apply to our handcrafted, copper frames. We offer two lighter tones: natural, honey and two darker ones: antique and coffee. By adding one of this option, the overall look of your oval mirror can shift drastically. This can help you to create the desired atmosphere in bedrooms or dining rooms and entry halls. If you set up your decorative copper frame mirrors wisely, they will create a work of art. You can display a copper, oval mirror in solo or get various mirrors in different size and shapes to create an appealing, aesthetic effect and make your mirror collection part of a gallery that includes mirrors and paintings. This idea works gracefully in living rooms (where you can pair you new mirror with our copper dining table) as well as in the lobbies, adding a welcoming environment. As far as the designs, you can find models ranging from Spanish, Colonial and rustic to modern and minimalist. A rustic, copper mirror will bring a warm flair to any style home.

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