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Everything you need to know to find your Perfect Copper Bathtub

For many of us, a relaxing bath is a moment we are waiting for during a long, hectic day. Finding the perfect copper bathtub can make a bigger difference than you may realize, and you have a significant variety of options to choose from. If you are already on our Page, it means that you appreciate the custom copper products but let see some of the factors to consider while you are searching for that tub that will turn simple bathing into a luxurious day spa experience.

custom copper bathtub installed in a perfect bathroom

The style options are crucial for choosing the right bathtub, but you should first consider more practical issues like the installation and type of custom copper bathtub. There are a few different ways bathtub installation can work and for some consumers, you’ll be limited in your options based on the space where your tub is being installed. In case of our Mexico-based production, most of our bronze-color tubs are sold as free-standing. We have several models made for drop-in installation, however, most of them are hand-hammered with so many decorative details and charm that it would be a real crime to drop them into a frame that is designed to match the room around the bathtub. If you are thinking of hiding your rustic-looking copper bathtub, perhaps it is not a but for you. Our designs are made to be the real centerpiece of any bathroom, that will set the tone for the rest of appliances and decoration. Therefore, our most popular models are free-standing tubs, clawfoot tubs and soaking tubs that are usually deeper. 

Once you have chosen the type of the tub, here comes the more entertaining part- choosing the right style for you. The rustic copper bathtubs come in an array of styles that can be highlighted with the right patina finishing option. While it is usually a white, ceramic tub what pops into your mind when you hear a word tub if you want to seek out a bathtub that provides an ancient look or complements the colors of your rustic bathroom more than the typical bathtub style would, you have to consider My Custom Copper products. The copper brings a unique look that will fill any space with warmth and elegance. Any bathroom can really enjoy its own copper bathtub as the size and form can be easily customized. We sell various standard sizes as well as smaller copper tubs that are already designed for smaller spaces or, on the other hand, a double slipper that is made to share with your significant other. As far as the bathroom theme, our perfect copper bathtubs combine effortlessly with traditional, Hacienda-style but also can pair with modern interiors where the metal, ancient-looking tub can be the contrasting and striking focal point. Independently on the model, you will opt for, your hammered copper bathtub will benefit you in so many more ways than the aesthetics. It will be a durable and very practical appliance with the easiest maintenance you can imagine. It will even make you save some money as it retains heat better than any other material.

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