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Country Style Copper Bathtub

Unlike their sleek and shiny urban counterparts, farmhouse bathrooms feature hard-worn surfaces like shabby wood and aged brass or copper over precious marble and natural stone. A country style bathtub can be the statement piece that will highlight a rustic feel but at the same time, upgrade the overall layout with high-quality copper work and sophisticated lines.

copper bathtub with rings

You can easily recreate the look of a rustic bathroom with one of our old world copper bathtubs that comes in a variety of models, sizes and finishing options. The most characteristic feature of a country style bathtub is its rings. Many copper bathtubs from Mexico are decorated with four rings, two on each side. Perhaps they used to be used for moving the tub around a bathroom but nowadays they serve exclusively for decorative purpose. The most often sold model is furnished with a four-inch-tall base and two walls higher than the sides. It is a typical double grand slipper type. Its drain hole is located at the bottom center and it can be furnished with the over-flow system. It is made of a system of tubs channeling water from the tub to the house drainage. It prevents flooding the floor and causing damages. Tubs from Santa Clara del Cobre are hammered in sixteen gauge metal. If you want a different material, we can use it upon receiving a specific request. Your product can be fabricated from thicker fourteen gauge alloy. Another great idea to bring Wild West feel is to order a copper bathtub with some decorative rivets just like in copper bathtub "Atalanta".

Take into consideration the available space and the daily use you will give to your new, country-looking tub and then choose the model that fits best. We can customize the size if let's say your bathroom is narrower but you still want to enjoy a free-standing clawfoot, rustic bathtub. A Mexican country style bathtub with an old-world touch will look as lavish in a farmhouse cottage as in a modern ambiance. We can imagine a double slipper bathtub being a central piece of a minimalist penthouse with some industrial flair. In that case, a hand-forged copper tub can warm and bright up rough and white spaces. Add some more drama by choosing a custom patina color that can add an ancient vibe to your metallic bathtub. If you are thinking about sticking to a farmhouse theme, we recommend you darker tones like dark coffee or antique to get a copper rustic tub. Oxidized (greenish tone) or natural are suitable for more contemporary bathtubs models.

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