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Installing copper range hoods

Choosing the style of your new vent hood is a real delight, especially if you can count with thousands of models like in My Custom Copper. However, we get many questions from our clients unable to complete their kitchen remodelling project with questions on installing copper range hoods. Let's have a look at the most important technical aspects while purchasing a custom copper extractor.

copper range hood

Nowadays, the market for hand-forged copper hoods is incredibly broad and you can find any size and style that will fit perfectly into your interior design project. However, buying from a doubtful source might cause more headaches than joy. Often the customer is either not able to install the product, not qualified to integrate the insert fan, left with thin or unstable materials, or has odd sizes for the kitchen or cooking environment. While searching for your dream copper vent hood, you should be focusing on the products made of a thick, heavy gauge copper just like our hand-hammered metal masterpieces. The thicker the metal, the fewer waves and the more solid the construction will be. The hood must have solid construction. In case of our stunning copper stove hoods, they feature a metal frame that is attached to the wall or ceiling (depending on the type: wall mount or island mount hood) which makes installing copper range hoods.

Another essential question is will your insert fan fit into the metallic extractor. Before clicking the “buy” button, contact us for a specific custom size vent hood that will enable to accommodate the insert you have chosen. Obviously, all of our hand-made vent hoods come with a ventilation system made of a simple linear with two speed 200CFM fan, light and a removable filler. However, we can customize any model for a vent hood above the stove as a natural venting as well. For those of the clients that have a specific insert to be fixed inside the hood, they should choose a hammered copper hood with insert prepared for your their exhaust equipment of choice. In such a case, you need to select “insert Customized option” and provide its brand and model number in the Note window. The last point relevant to the ventilation is to check if your copper range hood should be ductless or will you be able to move the air out of the kitchen with a ducted range. Last but not least, the form, style and size is a matter of preference and something we recommend you work with your contractor or designer to find the right fit for you.

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