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Kitchen Island Copper Hood

A portable stand or kitchen trolley was a humble origin of nowadays impressive kitchen islands that can be used for a range of functions ranging from simple storage and food preparation to more challenging as cooking and washing up the dishes. Adding an island with cabinets and a counter for cooking and dining does not require a lot of preparation. However, if you want your island to be much more versatile and you install some custom-made appliances inside, you must take into consideration additional measures such as a kitchen island copper hood that is indispensable in case you have a cooktop in the middle of your kitchen.

custom made island copper hood for a kitchen

Installing larger kitchen islands that can include a dishwasher or farmhouse copper sink and an oven require reserving more space than for a simpler island, you also need to have electricity and water connections. In the case of the kitchen island copper hood, the homeowner has two interesting options. If you do not want to damage the look of your stunning new kitchen with complicated tubes or simply do not have a way to vent the air out from the kitchen, you should consider a ductless range hood. For the home where a family cooks often, we would definitely recommend a ducted range hood that will always offer more powerful solutions. A ducted range hood must be connected to a duct with pipes that carry the airborne particles away from the kitchen to the outdoors. The good news is that if you are building your home, the developer will be able to prepare the installation for your island copper vent hood in advance. This will prevent any unnecessary tubes or cables to break the beautiful harmony of your kitchen’s design. Speaking of interior design ideas, a hand-hammered copper range hood is a great way of adding statement pieces. It is not only a functional kitchen unit but also a designer and decorative element that can help you to highlight your style. All our metallic range hoods present an option of choosing a singular patina finishing as well as two textures (polished and hammered). A light copper patina with a polished surface denotes an effortless and modern ambiance. Meanwhile, a custom copper hood made with an antique patina is a perfect addition for farmhouse or modern rustic interiors.

Every style from our collection of copper range hoods can be ordered to be mounted on the wall, between the kitchen cabinets, or above the island unit. We are also specialized in offering the most customized service possible. If your kitchen project includes vent hood measurements that you can not find on our web page, you can always send us a personalized design and our customer service will be more than happy to make it possible. We always remind our clients to consider the size of the fan they will install inside the copper vent hood. Our company offers a standard 250 CFM fan, light, and filters but if you wish to choose another brand then please make sure it fits into our design.

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