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Artful Kitchen with Custom Copper Fixtures

Let be honest. Nowadays, we are spending longer hours in kitchens but not necessarily, preparing time-consuming cakes and stews. Modern kitchens are much more than stove and fridge. We might have our dinners there but also watch tv, play with kids or even organize an intimate party. We want our kitchen to be as fancy as the rest of the home’s interiors. That is why, today’s kitchen is the opportunity to display your style with lavish kitchenware, beautifully designed kitchen islands, and open shelves cabinets or astonishing, ceramic tiles. One of the most versatile materials that help transition from rustic to modern is hand-hammered copper. With My Custom Copper, you might create an artful kitchen with custom copper fixtures.

custom hammered copper household fixtures

From small details such as cabinet handles or a rack of copper pots showcased on the wall to considerable and essential items such as copper vent hood or farmhouse sink, the copper adds timeless charm and never goes out of fashion. The interior designers create alluring layouts that include more and more custom copper fixtures. Who would imagine that one of the 2021 trends would be covering your upper cabinets with copper or install shiny copper backsplashes to both protect and adorn the cooking area? We might also find the copper kitchen island that brings the warmth and welcoming feel to space. Many homeowners have already discovered and treasured all the amazing benefits of this metallic accent. With the rise of the concern and fight against viruses and bacteria, copper is the absolute winner having antimicrobial properties, meaning it can kill microorganisms. Moreover, using copper cookware allows food to be cooked faster and evenly. No surprise then that copper pans and pots are often found in famous chef’s restaurants and homes.

However, besides all those practical benefits, custom copper fixtures are one of the most versatile ways to mix different styles. On one hand, a hand-hammered copper range hood might seem quite vintage and suitable for rustic settings. On the other, if customized wisely with clear, sleek lines, and a shiny patina cover, the same range hood, can actually add a modern twist to a farmhouse kitchen. A farmhouse copper sink is a perfect choice for a classic kitchen design, but we also can imagine them in a minimalist and industrial style. The copper is also your greatest ally as far as adding warm accents that enhance the light. Decorative pendant lamps made of copper will adorn any modern kitchen. It is a great way to bring a bold statement that can provide interest to the kitchen island or bar area.

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