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48-inch Copper Range Hood

Nowadays, the market for fully customized, exclusive range hoods is incredibly broad. However, artisan-made, copper range hoods are definitely less easy to purchase. However, buying from a doubtful source or without enough information might cause more headaches than joy. You should therefore look for an experienced manufacturer. Our company is elaborating custom-made models of those rustic, handmade appliances in any size and style. This makes it much easier to fit your brand new, hand-hammered copper range hood into your kitchen's layout. However, if you are not constrained by the specific space between kitchen cabinets, the most popular choice is a 48-inch copper range hood. It is a perfect vent hood for middle size and quite large kitchens that will work efficiently with a cooktop of a considerable dimension.

48-inch copper range hood in a kitchen

Getting the measurements right is one of the earliest things that a customer must decide while shopping for a copper range hood. Obviously, the style of this metallic appliance is fundamental but if your vent does not fit, its beauty and design will not make a difference then. Sometimes the customers buy their exclusive kitchen furnishing at a discount and later are not able to install the product, left with thin or unstable materials, and with odd sizes for the kitchen or cooking environment. We always recommend to our clients to check the requirements with their constructor or interior design, before placing the order. Additionally, you can write to us with any doubts concerning our stunning, custom-made copper appliances. With decades of experience on our shoulders, we are sure we can add some useful suggestions to your remodeling. Thousands of satisfied clients can confirm our expertise.

However, even if you want to get help from a professional to get the most efficient and functional decorative range hood, certain rules will help you to choose the right appliance. One of the most important rules is that your copper vent hood should be larger than your stove. That is why the first thing you should do is to measure the width of your cooktop (if you already own one). Your range hood should be a couple of inches larger than your range (between 6 to 12 inches). A larger hood might be a beautiful, decorating idea as the extractor will work as a visual frame for the stove area. However, for those who own an electric cooker or cook rarely, you will definitely be able to get by with a hood that is equal to the size of the cooktop. The 48-inch copper range hood is, therefore, a safe choice for a family-size kitchen, not too small and not too large.

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