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Hand Hammered Copper Range Hood

Attention to detail along with quality craftsmanship is what makes us stand out from the rest of hand hammered copper range hood suppliers. All of our products are handmade and therefore unique. Every engraving and curve was one-by-one of our Mexican artisans that express their traditions and culture through the commercial craft. Mexico distinguishes itself for the production of metal home-ware and accessories. This vast country has been a worldwide supplier of precise metals for centuries. Even before the appearance of Spaniards, it was quite popular metal to produce domestic items such as pots and pans that you can still find being sold on the local markets all over the country. Nowadays, the center of the traditional copper range hood production in Mexico is based in the state of Michoacan and this is where our workshop was established two decades ago.

During those years we have designed hundreds of designs of copper range hoods that will satisfy even the exquisite taste. If you love a rustic style you have to come and check out the collection that is strongly influenced by the Colonial heritage of Mexico. All elements of the extractor, from the shape of the crown, hammering techniques to patina colors embody the chic and rustic Southern flair. We offer the most contemporary solutions for your cooking area. An appliance of such importance puts the final touch to the style you have chosen. By choosing the right patina color for your hammered hood, it can either highlight a more colonial vibe to your kitchen or transform your kitchen into a vanguard and modern space. Imagine a refined combination of all-white kitchen and a small range hood with an extractor decorating the central area of your kitchen.

small hand hammered copper range hood in a kitchen

Our Mexican range hoods are also a perfect choice for a restaurant open kitchen where all your guests could see the powerful beauty of this appliance. For the commercial use, you would probably require a bigger size wall range hood so once you choose the hood design from our online collection you can send us an email with specific sizes and we will customize it for you. No matter if a professional chef or an amateur cook, you definitely need a competently performing hand hammered copper range hood and sink products that will ensure premium ventilation, leaving you with a fresh and clean kitchen. Our products guarantee efficiency and lush at the same time.

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