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Hand Hammered Copper Bathroom Sinks

Discover the versatile beauty of our hand hammered copper bathroom sinks that will most definitely add value to the bathroom. Despite their tough exteriors, polished copper plumbing fixtures bring elegance and warmth to your home and we are one of the greatest suppliers of those copper sinks so you will be able to find any shape, size and style you need.

There are all kinds of copper bath sinks for home use available on the market today. However, you should look for a high quality work and material as well as the uniqueness that you can only obtain with a handcrafted objects. Our hand hammered copper bathroom sinks can be round, oval, square, rectangular or irregular custom hammered in shape specified by the buyer. Actually, any handmade bathroom sink can be supplied with an additional hammered design including animals, plants, ethical designs and even restaurant bar logo if it is for commercial use. For a finishing touch of your home improvement, you can further decorate your bathroom sinks with best patina color or have it polished.

Made of metal bathroom plumbing accessories have had a comeback and its moment has no sign of slowing down. No wonder. It is an affordable material and it is very easy to care for. Our collection of hammered copper bathroom sinks  and wall mount faucets is growing every year as our company understands very well all the benefits of this versatile hand formed material. It provides warming, sophisticated glow that could be easily incorporated into interior schemes to add an element of elegant, cool lux. It goes to perfection with marble and tiled walls of a bathroom and adds warmth to usually cold-white outlays of the washrooms.

hammered copper bathroom sink

You can find all types of sinks among our copper products such as drop-in, undermount and vessel style sinks. Designer vessel sinks are the ultimate in custom bathroom trend. We are proud to offer many intricate and unique styles. A perfect vessel wash basin is an exclusive finishing touch to any bathroom, and a perfect way to add a little personal flair, whether it’s a private master bath or a more heavily trafficked guest bathroom. While shopping for unique copper bathroom sinks for undermount installation, please pay attention to the type of lip it has. When hand produced sinks have a round lip it can be installed in a bathroom as drop-in exclusively but if the lip is flat you can install it in both ways (drop-in and undermount). Most of our copper sinks are sold in standard sizes but as all of our products are highly customizable you can also make a custom order with the required size or shape.

If you are a fan of designs that are unconventional and creative, our hammered copper bathroom sinks and tubs are made for you. Created by craftsmen from the central part of Mexico, hand made each piece, those vessel sinks embraced the true local metalwork that proudly carries on the historical tradition.

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