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Dining Table with Custom Copper Tabletop

Placing a dining table with custom copper tabletop is a great way to create a unique and dramatic eating space in your dining room or kitchen. You can add it even at your veranda if space is sheltered from the rain. Imagine the impact that this piece of furniture will have on the overall look of your home! It will for sure add a lot of class and timeless feel to any décor. Have a look at our collection of custom copper dining tables and choose the design that best fits your style customizing many of the aspects of our stunning copper dining room tables.

copper tabletop in a dining room

Since every eating space is unique, we encourage our customers to measure their dining room or any area where they want to install a new table before the purchase. It helps them to ensure that there is enough room for the table and chairs, as well as space to move around the room. “How many eaters will this table have?”-this should be the first question that pops while choosing your ideal dinner table with the custom copper tabletop. In pursuit of perfection, we offer to our clients the possibility to order the custom size copper table. We would actually recommend first to choose the iron base that matches the rest of the ambience. The iron base designs range from intricately decorated with flamboyant vibes to sleek and simple, more suitable for modern or transitional interiors. However, adding a hammered, copper tabletop with right patina finishing can make a dramatic change in the overall look of any copper dining table. It is a perfect addition to the apartments and houses of those who enthusiastically combine different styles in their interiors. The combination of a Colonial or ancient-looking pattern with a contemporary looking copper top structure will fill your interior with a delicate austerity and draw the attention of every guest.

The custom copper tabletop can be personalized with patina color or shape, however, you cannot modify the base. In general, copper made furnishing and other home appliances such as lighting fixtures, kitchen backsplashes or copper range hoods imbue the old world feel and timeless charm. The table bases are made of hand-forged iron finished with black paint. It enhances the stability of the whole structure and gives a stunning and elegant look of a vintage piece of furniture. The tabletop is, on the other hand, made of particleboard covered with copper sheeting. For those who do not know all the exceptional benefits of the copper, you should know that this metal is resistant to corrosion. The table will resist any form of rust since copper does not corrode against most liquids commonly used in homes. This simply means that you will enjoy your vintage-looking furniture for many years and many family gatherings.

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