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Custom Copper Products for Kitchen

What is Custom Copper about?

We received a number of inquiries from clients based in Illinois and Atlanta about what is custom copper products about and what exactly we can do for them. I though it would be a good time to and place to provide such answer on the public forum such as company blog.

Custom Copper Production Facility

Custom Copper is Mexico based producer of copper vent hoods, bathtubs, sinks and tables. Our internet store offers through our site brand new kitchen appliances, dining room and bathroom furnishings made-to-order products using buyer's specifications. Or you can select one of ready designs listed on our store detail pages and instruct personalizing it. Such variables as size, color and finishing can the product be customized for. In all cases our custom copper output is offered with free delivery to the US mainland. Buyers living in other regions should consult us prior to purchasing.

Custom Copper Products

custom copper kitchen, bathroom, dining room

Above photo shows a beautiful hammered copper backsplash with Victorian pattern. This kind of artistic metalwork is our specialization. We do not use any presses nor forms to make the design. It can be applied to decorate any size copper kitchen sink apron or stove hood lower bend. All elements including the smallest decorative segments of the artwork are made by hand by skilled artisans using traditional tools and production techniques. If you have any questions about our copper products and custom fixtures, do not hesitate to call or post your comments in our blog.

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