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Bathtub with Fired Copper Patina

When you want to add a luxurious feel to your bathroom, but you are also in love with vintage style, no better appliance will blend those two features like a bathtub with a fired copper patina that brings a rustic sophistication to a whole new level. The reddish-brown hue with some shadows and highlights looks amazing on any custom copper appliance but it exudes exceptional comfort and luxury in our hand-hammered copper tubs. Fall in love with our handcrafted copper designs that are made upon the order and therefore unique which will make your home's décor differentiate from the majority of standard options.

fired copper patina bathtub

Believe us if we tell you that any decorative copper bathtub with a fired copper patina will steal the show. Whether you order a freestanding tub or a soaking copper tub, this warm and rich hue will draw the attention of anyone. It is not only about the nuances of different shades of copper patina, but also our hand-hammered copper tubs stand out due to their texture. Meticulously hammered, the surface can have a smooth, polished surface that fits into modern settings or an alluring hammered, uneven texture, ideal for vintage styles. The physical texture of the copper gives depth to and brings the character out of, the patina. With My Custom Copper, you can enjoy the old world look with the highest quality of a brand new product that guarantees excellent and comfortable use and durability for decades.

If you are afraid about the maintenance of our custom-made copper tubs, you should know that our beautiful patina finishes are sealed to be kept permanent. This process protects the patina from further changes. It only happens in the case of natural copper. Therefore, the copper bathtubs are easy to clean and do not need any special or complicated maintenance. Enjoy the unique feel of luxury and character. Check out our brad collection of copper tubs that can be produced as freestanding, drop-in tubs, on a pedestal or with fancy claws. We can also add decorative elements such as rivets or a decorative relief. Have in mind that apart from the fired copper patina, you can choose from light, dark and polish options. Each patina tone will create a totally different ambience in your bathroom. Feel free to contact us with any doubts you could have. We understand that a bathtub is a substantial furnishing that can set the tone for the rest of the bathroom décor. Our experienced coppersmiths will provide expert advice on how to design the bathtub with a copper patina of your choice that will adjust to the needs of your home.

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