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Undercabinet Copper Range Hood

When you are planning your kitchen remodelling, the design is of course the first and most important part of your project. However, as stunning as your space might look afterwards if you do not consider more practical factors like how to get rid of unwanted smells, it could end up like a perfect designer dress on a model with messy hair and no makeup. You should apply the same standards when choosing your kitchen cabinets and a brand new extractor. With so many types of custom range hoods on the current market, today we are presenting you probably the most practical of them all, undercabinet copper range hood.

undercabinet copper range hood

Without a high-quality range hood, the smoke, odors, and grease produced when you cook will remain in your kitchen, resulting in unpleasant smells, poor air quality and general dirt covering your high-end pieces of furniture and appliances. If you want to add a vent hood to an already existing kitchen setup, an undercabinet copper hood is a perfect choice. The undercabinet copper range hood refers to a range hood designed to be installed on a wall under a cabinet. Compared to wall-mounted, island, and other types of range hoods, these are typically the least expensive but that is not where the benefits of these fixtures end. First of all, you do not need so much space for that appliance. It should fit in between your furnishings. For that reason, this type of extractors are ideal for smaller kitchens and for those homeowners who wish for clean air and a grease-free kitchen but without a vent hood to overwhelm the overall look of that room. Additionally, they offer quick and easy installation compared to the island and wall mount hoods. Normally you do not need to “break” the design of your kitchen by installing a series of ducts that run from the kitchen to an outdoor location. Our undercabinet ventilation can be ductless which means that the extractor cleans the air through a system of filters and returns clean air to your kitchen, without a complex ducts' system.

As far as the aesthetic concerns, these compact hoods blend in with your kitchen seamlessly. However, being made of top-quality metal, a handmade copper hood will always upgrade your kitchen adding a warm, elegant feel to your interiors. While steel is associated with modern, quasi-industrial designs, copper is a much more versatile material that can be used in contemporary and traditional ambiences. Despite the fact that undercabinet copper range hood will be less of a bold statement as an island mount copper hood, it will still add a lot of beauty to your kitchen.

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