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Tall and Slim Copper Range Hoods

If you want to highlight the singularity of your kitchen space and you have a high ceiling, try taking advantage of those spacious areas and create a statement with a tall and slim copper range hood. A metallic appliance of this kind will upgrade the overall look of your kitchen without any doubt. However, there are some basic rules as far as the installation of your new handmade copper extractor so you can be sure it works to its full capacity.

tall custom copper range hood in hight ceiling kitchen

With a custom copper vent hood, it is the appliance that is able to adjust to your interiors and not the other way round which helps create the most unique and comfortable interior designs. If you would order a standard size extractor made in a production line you have to measure very well your kitchen cabinets so there is enough space. It is especially important if the kitchen is already installed. Adding a custom-made copper range hood gives you the total freedom of designing the perfect layout. As we have mentioned before the range hood installed at the right height will help you enormously to improve the hood’s efficiency and durability. By that, you will make sure that the copper vent hood protects the kitchen’s clean atmosphere at any time, regardless of the workload. If there is a lot of cooking involved in your family’s life, you must look for the most efficient solutions for both stoves as well as a range hood. In general terms, ff you have a gas range, install your range hood 24 to 36 inches above your cooktop. However, if you have an electric stove, install your copper range hood 20 to 24 inches above your cooktop.

That is why if your kitchen has a very tall ceiling, you must add a tall and slim copper range hood that ensures the perfect efficiency. If the extractor is too high above the cooktop, the ventilation might not work that well. The good news is that our company is producing stunning range hoods in both wall mount as well as the kitchen island vent hood, that has a unique shape, ideal for these circumstances. And because we cannot forget about creating a standout feature with the copper vent hood, check all the options for customizing your chosen model. The hood can have decorative straps extractor and rivets or even a relief pattern which will make it an absolute one-of-a-kind appliance. The homeowner can also decide about the patina finishing and of course, the size of it.

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